LEXINGTON, S.C. — The Old Mill Pond may be rebuilt by the end of 2020.

One of the hardest hit areas in Lexington from the October Floods of 2015 was the Old Mill Pond. Heavy flooding broke the Old Mill Pond Dam and the area has sat vacant since then.

Laban Chapel has been the property owner for the last 15 years.

"The Old Mill is a very special property, very unique, and means a lot to the Town of Lexington," said Chapel.

The community came together to help cleanup after the flood and help get businesses back on their feet.

Since 2015, most of the businesses have rebounded and a new brewery was added Fall 2019.

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Chapel says in the past few years, he's worked with Department of Health and Environmental Control to fix the dam. 

This week a permit was approved to rebuild it

Chapel is excited to bring back an important part of that area.

"I can tell you when we get it rebuilt and that lake fills up and we have some type of, hopefully, some type of party to celebrate that, it's going to be very emotional and I'm looking forward to it. We're going to make it happen," explained Chapel.

The property owner is hoping they'll start rebuilding the dam by the end of 2019 and have the water raised back up by fall of 2020.