ORANGEBURG, S.C. — Orangerburg County is inviting residents to participate in a litter challenge beginning this weekend.

The goal is to beautify the area by making it a safe and clean place to live, work and play.  The main focus of the challenge is for residents to pickup litter on roadsides. 

Participants who register will receive bags, trash grabbers and vests. 

Once done, Orangeburg County will pick up the bags after they have been filled with trash. At the end of the challenge, there may even be a prize given to the group that collected the most liter. 

Harold Young, the Orangeburg County administrator, believes it's time for a change in mindset.  

"We can clean streets for stretches and then turn around and those same stretches are littered again. It's not going to stop until we change the mindset of the people in the community, the people that live in these neighborhoods, these businesses  and areas to say okay enough is enough and that starts with our litter challenge," said Young.  

To register and receive more information, contact Marie Canty, Orangeburg County Litter Control, at 803-533-6162 or email 

The contact information for Keep Orangeburg County Beautiful is below. 

Lisa Rigden, 803-534-2409x8903,
Diane Curlee, 803-534-2409x8918,