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Orangeburg utility experts give tips on how to conserve energy as fuel prices rise

The Department of Public Utilities say it's seeing record high energy prices. Experts give a few tips on how to cut down on costs.

ORANGEBURG, S.C. — Energy prices are at an all time high, according to the Orangeburg Department of Public Utilities, which says it comes as gas and oil prices nationwide continue to surge.

“Two fuel sources that most generating facilities or power companies are utilizing to generate electricity," said electric divisions director Wade Holmes.

Holmes says in Orangeburg, the typical single family home could average about $95 a month for energy. Recently, they are averaging over $100 a month.

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Holmes thinks this could be the highest it's been in almost 20 years.

“Back in early 2000s that we had early 2000s that we had oil prices that went above 100, 120, more than 120 dollars per barrel," he said.

Holmes says customers can cut down on costs by following a few simple times. These include turning off appliances when they are not using them, and washing clothes in cold water. He says hot water consumes more energy.

Another tip he suggests is installing CFL lightbulbs.

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“Those lightbulbs burn five times less energy and I think last 15 times longer,' he said.

He also suggests air drying dishes instead of using a dishwasher to dry them and sealing the gaps under windows and doors. According to Holmes,  this simple step could conserve energy by preventing your A/C unit from working harder.

Another tip is closing the drapes or curtains when you leave the house during the summer months to keep the house cool.

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