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Hillcrest Golf Club closes after Idalia damage

Hillcrest Golf Club crews spent the day cleaning up a debris after Idalia.

ORANGEBURG, S.C. — One of Orangeburg's public golf courses, Hillcrest Golf Club, had to close for the day after storm damage. 

The city's Public Information Officer, Jennifer Van Cleave, cited safety concerns as the reason for the closure.

"We had debris on the course," said Van Cleave. "We also had several trees down and we just wanted to make sure that the course was safe for our patrons and our residents who want to come use the course."

Several downed trees and limbs littered the course, and water pooled in the bunkers and the fairways. Gregg Thunderburk, the manager and golf professional at Hillcrest, said the damage wasn't what he expected.

"I was expecting it five times what we had," said Thunderburk. "I was expecting at least six or seven trees because pine trees just can't take the saturation and with the wind, because of their root base."

Once the course dries, they plan to use heavy equipment to pick up fallen trees, said Orangeburg Parks and Recreation Deputy Director Mart Kinard.

"We'll take some of our crew from the recreation complex on North road," said Kinard. "And move them out here to help with debris pick up."    

Hole number three had the most damage with standing water and fallen trees, Thunderburk said, adding that the cleanup is a complicated task.   

"I think we had gusts up to about thirty five last night," said Thunderburk. "That's a lot we got a lot of just small stuff. It's very tedious, time consuming."

Kinard said the crew would have the course ready for Friday's play.

"Their going around the golf course," said Kinard. "Cleaning up debris that is in play to ensure that we are ready to play at 8'oclock in the morning."


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