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New housing development coming to Santee

After phase one of construction is complete, there will be 52 houses built.

ORANGEBURG COUNTY, S.C. — New affordable housing is on the way in Santee. 

One business owner says this is a positive step in the right direction as the town continues to grow.

“Santee needs to grow. This is a very nice spot to come to with being right off of I-95. We have so much to offer," said owner of Lone Star BBQ, Rachael Henderson.

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The homes are being built off of Bass Drive. 

After phase one of construction is complete, there will be 52 houses built with more to come.

Henderson says she hopes with more homes will come more business.

“They’re gonna have to let some things grow. When you bring more people in, you’re gonna have to have more businesses that can accommodate them," she said.

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Precious Bannister is a cashier at Santee General Store which is just down the road from where the development is being built.

“I feel as though it would attract more people. Like I said it’s a small town. So, jobs are coming in. So there’s more opportunity. Homes for families," said Bannister.

Co-owner of Lone Star BBQ Cory Henderson says he believes Santee is well on its way to become a major attraction.

“It’s really growing because people want to still buy at Walmart but yet they still wanna go to Mother Sue, So and Nick’s, somewhere down the street too because it’s still a historical place and they love coming to travel here," he said.

Right down the road from these new homes, a new Dollar Tree is also being built. The goal is to finish construction of the store by the end of the month.

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