The town of Neeses is set to open a new senior recreation and leisure center this fall.

Local officials say the nearly 5,000 square foot facility will house a fitness area and a host of entertainment programs and activities for seniors and community members in the area.

Mayor Kenneth Gleaton shared with News 19 that he and his staff are excited about the space as it will be the first of its kind in the town.

"Seniors are just like anybody else," Gleaton says. "They want to be involved with things but sometimes they sort of get left out and so we thought if we geared this towards them it could make them feel better about themselves." The mayor goes onto say, "We know if we give them a place to improve their health, give them a place where they can come to the crime watch meetings and talk about safety we know it will help them all around." 

Previously the town had been using the town hall and an open air picnic space for meetings and special events. According to officials, this will be the first enclosed community center the town has ever seen.