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Remembering former Orangeburg County Sheriff Vance Boone

Boone served more than a decade's long tenure with the department starting in 1972. He died on Monday.

ROWESVILLE, S.C. — Communities in Orangeburg County are mourning the loss of Sheriff Vance Boone. 

He died of cancer on Monday morning. 

Boone served more than a decade's long tenure with the department starting in 1972.

“He’s always been a man of character. Whatever Vance Boone said, you can bank on that," said Mike Pooser.

Pooser was a dear friend of Boone. Their friendship spanned half a century.

“Whether we went fishing, whether we went riding , whether we were out at a restaurant, I never saw a change in the man. He was always Vance Boone," he said.

Although many referred to Boone as Sheriff, to Pooser, he was just Vance. He describes him as humble, and a helpful friend and neighbor to others.

Donnie Hilliard served as finance director for Orangeburg County during Boone's tenure as chief.

“He was one of the few sheriffs that I would get up at night and ride around town with just to see what it was like so when it would be time to do budgets, I would have a better understanding of where he was coming from," said Hilliard.

He says Boone had a love of gardening, and gifted him and his wife with butter beans which he says was his favorite crop to plant. 

“They are what they call runner butter beans. They grew about ten feet tall and we still have those seeds and we still plant them," said Hilliard.

In 1980, Boone was named president of the Sheriff's Association, and later resigned from the department to take on a role with SLED that he served until his retirement. According to the Orangeburg County website, he resigned in 1986.

Pooser shares words Boone said during his role as sheriff, “If you want to be recognized that’s great, if you want to be great, that’s great. But always recognize that they who are greatest among us, are the ones that we serve.”

Boone is survived by his wife of 47 years Terry Boone, and his sons Marvin and Andy Boone.

A memorial service is planned for December 3 at 3 p.m. at New Hope United Methodist Church in Rowesville.

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