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New rules when visiting Santa Claus this year in Orangeburg

The biggest change is you won't be allowed to sit on Santa's lap.

ORANGEBURG, S.C. — It just 38 days until Christmas.

That's just a little over a month.  

The City of Orangeburg is working on plans to bring Santa Claus to town safely. 

The big guy in red visiting Orangeburg each year is a tradition that the Orangeburg Parks and Recreation Department didn't want to see go away because of the pandemic.

Here's the plan that they have come up with to keep everyone including Santa, safe.    

"We want to honor annual events as much as possible because children have had a different than normal 2020," said Orangeburg Parks and Recreation Department Program Coordinator, Meredith Garris.

Members of the recreation department say they are doing everything they can to keep the Christmas spirit alive in Orangeburg. 

Kids will have a chance to see Santa Claus this year, but with the pandemic, there will be some changes and a few restrictions. 

The biggest one is that you will need an appointment. 

No more just showing up and standing in line, in an attempt to practice safe distancing each visit to the big guy will need an appointment.  This means no lines and that will allow for cleaning and sanitizing between visits. 

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"Santa's hands will be clean between each child," explained Garris. "we will clean as needed between each appointment."

Each kid must sanitize their hands at the sanitizing stations before visiting Santa Claus and kids will still be able to tell Santa their wishes, they just won't be able do it it sitting on his lap.

"We have a special plexiglass shield that is being made especially for Santa," said Garris. "He will be wearing a clear face shield as well."

Santa will make later appearances for the public in the evening.  For those visits you do not need an appointment.  Although the officials are requiring parents and kids to wear face masks and social distance.   

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