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SC State to renovate three of its oldest buildings

Truth Hall and Lewis Laboratory are expecting to ready by the next school year. There is no expected completion date for Wilkinson Hall.

ORANGEBURG, S.C. — South Carolina State University is continuing its efforts to renovate old buildings on campus.  

"The buildings that we can't preserve and use, we try to fix them," said SC State President James E. Clark.

Three of the institution's oldest facilities are seeing work over the summer. Clark says the major project is preserving and restoring Wilkson Hall into a one-stop-shop for student financial services.

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"Anything a student needs from a services standpoint, we're hoping to get back to going to one place, and it's all right there with the focus on customer service," explained Clark.

The Lewis Laboratory houses the department of speech pathology and audiology. Clark says the 70-year-old building is outdated to serve students.

"It needed more space, it needed better space, it needed improved laboratories and improved classrooms," said Clark. "We're investing in the future of programs. Why do we invest in the programs; for our students."

The last renovation is to Truth Hall, which houses freshman female students. SC state administration says these current projects cost roughly $2 million and is subject to increase over time.

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"Every other university across the country continues to preserve some facilities, but at the same time, they are building new ones," said Col. Alex Conyers. "We need to be able to do the same."

Conyers is a SC State Alum and recently took the position as the VP of Strategic Alliances and Initiatives. Conyers says improving the infrastructure on campus is vital in recruiting students.

"We absolutely cannot remain stagnant," expressed Col. Conyers. "We know remaining stagnant will have a negative impact."

Truth Hall and Lewis Laboratory are expecting to ready by the next school year. There is no completion date for Wilkinson Hall at the moment.

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