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Lexington County elementary school's archery team returns home as world champion

The team represented South Carolina in Seven Springs, Pennsylvania.

PELION, S.C. — Taking on the globe, Pelion Elementary School archery team is now a world champion. 

"I'm feeling lucky that I got to do all that kind of archery stuff and I'm feeling good that, it was pretty fun," said 5th grade student athlete Madelyn Murray.

Over the weekend, Madelyn Murray and her team represented South Carolina in Seven Springs, Pennsylvania. 

These sharp shooters not only took home the gold, three girls on the team won first, second and fifth best elementary archers in the world. 

Also, with combined scores from the qualifier, national and world championships, they won best overall team for the 2022 season. 

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"Some of our rounds took upwards of 4 to 5 minutes because people were having to wait on the wind to die down cause you're 3,500 feet up in the air at the ski lodge," archery coach Colby Coulter said. "So, a lot of factors for our kids to catch on to, so to see their scores still stay as high as they were just goes to show you how locked in they are to the sport." 

This competition's layout was also uphill. When they practice on level ground, and outdoors while they're usually indoors. 

"As a coach, that's pretty much where we're at now is I just walk up to the kids and tell them hey, this is what we have to do today and they go to town, they work hard and they make sure it happens," Coulter said.

Targeting every challenge, this team hits the bullseye. 

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