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Railroad construction in Sumter left unfinished causing bumpy ride for drivers

The Lafayette bridge in Sumter was closed for construction. While the road is open now, drivers say it's bumpier than before. News 19 is On Your Side with answers.

SUMTER, S.C. — Sumter drivers say the road near the Lafayette bridge is now bumpier than before construction started a few weeks ago.

"It’s a little bumpy going over it," resident Darian Quiroz said about construction on the end of the bridge at the corner of South Lafayette Drive and Divine Street.

"It is bumpy, but I don’t think I’ve met any smooth railroad crossing to go over," Quiroz noted.

He’s one of many who travels over the rail line .

"You almost have to stop now before you go across it," Frank Earles said. "It seems like every time they work on it, it gets worse."

There was a detour set up while the rail line was under construction.

"When they opened it back up again it was worse," Earlies shared. "It’s frustrating because there’s not shortcuts around, you know when you’re coming this way. So you have to go out of the way."

The South Carolina Department of Transportation says this isn’t construction from the city or the state. It’s being done by the railroad company called CSX Corporation

"As part of a network-wide infrastructure maintenance program, CSX began work to replace rail and resurface the grade crossing at Lafayette Street in Sumter, SC last month. Unfortunately, we were unable to fully complete the repairs due to a lack of availability of asphalt," CSX said in a statement to News 19. "The crossing was reopened on January 7, however, it will close temporarily on January 18 in order to extend the crossing and provide a smooth surface for drivers."

While the road will be closed on Jan. 18, the company said it plans to complete the repairs in one day. The road should be open again by the 19th.

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