LEXINGTON, S.C. — Lexington County Council has now approved giving the Riverbanks Zoo the original amount they request in the annual budget.

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Street Squad Lexington has been following this story for the last month.

County council originally proposed to cut their funding to the zoo by 60 percent so they can fund other county needs. Lexington usually gives $1.2 million a year, but a month ago, they said they would only give $500,000.

The zoo says with that funding, they would possibly have to cut jobs and end certain free admissions.

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Over the past month, the council has held several hearings to hear from different perspectives.

Since the first reading of the budget, council has increased their proposed funding to the zoo.

After a special called meeting last Monday, the council has now proposed to give the zoo what they originally requested, $1.2 million. The Riverbanks Zoo would transition from a millage agency to a contribution agency, meaning money for funding would now come from the general fund.

County council met Tuesday night for the final reading of the county budget. All nine county council members voted to approve the budget.

They will also discuss possibly adding a referendum on next year’s ballots asking residents whether or not they would be okay with county council using property tax dollars for funding for the zoo.