ORANGEBURG, S.C. — South Carolina State University has publicly released their new strategic plan on how the academic institution will move forward into the new decade

The plan that started at the beginning of this past academic school year is now officially being given to students, alumni and community members and is broken up into five parts. 

SC State University 2018-2022
SC State University

The plan tackles a range of topics everything from updating academic and residential facilities to increasing the number of offered student internships and placements in jobs.

James Clark, SC State University president, wants people to know "The strategic plan is a living document, it’s a North star. It’s not a well I’m going to turn left on main and right on Washington street tomorrow, it is a direction that allows everyone to sense which way is north which way is up and that allows us to bring programs together that has consistent themes and focus on a consistent direction as we move forward."

The plan is in-progress and is expected to be the guide for at least the next three years, into 2022, but the school says modifications will be made along the way.