ORANGEBURG, S.C. — In Orangeburg there is a big push for folks to shop local. 

There are a variety of store options from luxury clothing and healthy food choices  but in order for these stores and the community to economically thrive the city says families need to support the businesses

Candice Roberson, executive director for the downtown Orangeburg revitalization association says, "Whenever you spend your dollars within not just downtown Orangeburg and the city of Orangeburg but even pulling it out to the county, you’re supporting the people who work and live where you work and live. So if you take those dollars and keep them within our community all it’s going to do is bring our community up. The more money we spend in our community the more businesses we can recruit in our community." 

The downtown Orangeburg revitalization association hopes with an increase in local shopping ... more businesses will open their doors throughout the city and county.