WEST COLUMBIA, S.C. — There's a new business in West Columbia where you can relieve stress by smashing things.

The SC Riot Room opened on Leaphart Road five months ago.

The business collects items they think people would have fun destroying from Goodwill and other businesses.

"It seemed like something cool that the West Columbia area could use," said Nodis Kijula, an employee at the store.

The owner says part of the reason they discovered this kind of business was through research. They discovered some places in Japan where people work have break rooms that are used as riot rooms so employees can smash things.

The business says popular TV shows that feature riot rooms have gotten the attention of the community and some people have found the SC Riot Room through research that way.

People can come during the week from 4 pm to 7 pm or have appointments on the weekends to wipe out whatever they want inside the room. There's different packages you can purchase and it starts at $20.

The SC Riot Room says Charlotte is the closest place to anything like it.

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Kijula hopes this is a fun way you can relieve stress with whatever you're facing in life.

"People come in here stress, mad, whatever that when they leave they're just a little more relieved," explained Kijula. "'All this stuff is going on. I really want to bash in some TVs, break a couple of plates.' We hope that when you leave, you're feeling relieved of your stress."