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Sumter-based Monopoly game celebrates The Gamecock City

'Sumter-opoly' features city staples like Liberty Street, Skate Station and even the Sumter Speedway. It's available at the Walmart on Broad Street in Sumter.

SUMTER, S.C. — A Sumter-based Monopoly game has been getting a lot of buzz since hitting shelves in The Gamecock City just three days ago.

"I saw it on Facebook last night," Stacey Pack said, and by Wednesday afternoon she was in-store grabbing three boxes. "You think about old-time Monopoly, and to have something we can all relate to here in the community, I think is a great thing."

The game features city staples like Liberty Street, Skate Station and even the Sumter Speedway. 

Local restaurants and schools are also featured.

"It just seemed cool because, I mean, I like Monopoly and for them to make a game for our town just seemed cool," Marissa Dorr, who was also in-store to purchase, said.

The game was created by Ohio-based 'Late for the Sky' production company, which specializes in making custom board games like Sumter-opoly.

"We have done larger cities since about the mid-90s and about five years ago we started... a lot more smaller cities," Michael Schulte, a spokesperson, said.

Store Manager Joe Quinlan of Sumter's Walmart on Broad Street said he reached out to the company to ask about a Sumter version being made.

"I asked if it was an option and they said yes," Quinlan said.

Then production began.

Credit: Late for the Sky
Sumter-based Monopoly game hits the shelves at area Walmart.

"Looking through social media, through the city websites, the chamber websites,” Shulte said, and finalizing the details with local leadership to make sure the board reflected city staples.

Quinlan called the response "unprecedented."

"I honestly knew the interest was there," Quinlan said. "What I didn't know was that the interest was going to be this big."

The game is sold at the Walmart at 1283 Broad Street in Sumter.