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New voting machines unveiled in Sumter County

Sumter County received new voting machines as part of a statewide roll out

SUMTER COUNTY, S.C. — New voting machines are being rolled out across South Carolina ahead of the 2020 election and Sumter County unveiled its new units on Friday. 

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"It's fast, it's easy, safe and secure," Patricia Jefferson, Sumter's Voter Registration and Elections Director, said after showcasing the new machines. 

She says security and efficiency are key features of the new system and they look forward to educating locals on the process.

"The first thing we're going to ask is, 'Are you familiar with the machines and, if you are not, we'll certainly do a demonstration prior to you entering the voting booth," Jefferson added.

After signing in and gathering the proper identification, a poll worker will provide voters with a blank ballot card and direct them to a touch screen voting machine similar to previous years.

Voters will then insert their ballot cards into the voting machine and print it out once they've chosen their candidates.

That ballot card will hold a record of their choices and, after it's printed, they will place it into an electronic scanner so their votes can be counted.

It's an extra step from previous years, but one that will create an additional layer of security by counting your vote both electronically and on paper.

"It's a check and balance system that we have in place now that we didn't have at one time," Jefferson said.

Demonstrations on how to use the new technology will be held at events throughout the county leading up to the November elections. 

Voters in Sumter County will get their first opportunity to officially vote on the new machines in November of 2019 for the Mayesville general election.  

To find out more information on the new voting process visit SC Votes online.