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Roughly $4.8 million awarded to Sumter to fix flooding issues, mayor says

According to Mayor David Merchant, parts of Sumter’s Crosswell neighborhood, Miller Road and Lafayette Drive will benefit from millions to fix flooding issues.

SUMTER, S.C. — As Patrick Moore looks out at his yard in Sumter’s Crosswell Neighborhood, he worries what damage more wet weather could cause.

During the historic 2015 flood, his yard looked more like a lake with the water seeping under his front door and into his home.

Today, “I’m scared every spring when it comes. Every spring when I see any rain and it’s going to be over four, five inches, I start picking stuff up off the carport and even in the house, start putting stuff up on blocks,” Moore said.

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Now, it’s possible the issue could be fixed.

Credit: Patrick Moore
Patrick Moore's home after flooding.

According to Sumter Mayor David Merchant, the city has received roughly $4.8 million to alleviate flooding on parts of Miller Road, Lafayette Drive and in the Crosswell Neighborhood.

Merchant said the city applied for the money for about 20 projects after the 2015 floods and three were approved just days ago.

“I don’t understand through the different administrators why now, but we’re just glad to have it,” Merchant said. “It’s all similar type constructions, but it’s going to be able to take some of these areas that were hit pretty hard even consistently heavy rains now, tend to flood a little more than we would like, to be able to get that water out and so with these bigger pipes we’re excited about that.”

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Moore said he’s also looking forward to the possibility the issue could be resolved.

“I hope they can do something to fix it,” Moore said. “We’ve been okay. We haven’t had water in the house since 2015. We just get by and hope and pray that it doesn’t happen again.”

Merchant said they still have to discuss the details, but he expects it could take about a year before the project gets started as they finalize the plans.

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