SUMTER, S.C. — City of Sumter Mayor Joe McElveen is urging residents to get prepared as Hurricane Dorian nears the South Carolina coast. 

Tropical storm warnings were issued on Tuesday for Sumter County along with other parts of the Midlands including Clarendon, Calhoun and Orangeburg counties. Hurricane Dorian remains an impressive Category 2 hurricane.

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"Things look good right now, but, in 1989 when Hurricane Hugo came, things looked good for a long time too and it was devastating," McElveen said. "So, be prepared. Act like it's going to hit. Be ready for what happens, if it happens, and do what we in Sumter do: Work together, pull together and help each other through."

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Ahead of the storm, Sumter City and County officials have been meeting to discuss its track and how they will work collaboratively to respond.

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Storm drains are also being checked and cleared of any potential water blockages, along with a check of equipment like generators and the completion of any other standard storm preparation procedures. 

"I want to assure the citizens of Sumter...we will be ready," McElveen said. "We have the plan in place; we have the people in place; they're ready to move once the word is given and all of these past experiences have made us, we think and are confident that we're pretty good with handling these disasters."

Dorian is expected to move just off the state's coastline late Wednesday and Thursday, but the effects in most of the Midlands are not expected to be severe. 

"We seem to be just right on a line, that sometimes we get it when nobody in the Columbia area gets it, so we have to be prepared," McElveen said.

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