SUMTER COUNTY, S.C. — Multiple acts of violence have left some in Sumter's community feeling emotions of fear and frustration as they hope for a change to take place.

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On Monday, a spokesperson for the Sumter County Sheriff's Office said their officers have been working alongside the police to help keep locals safe.

Over the weekend, sheriff's deputies joined forces with police to monitor certain areas and make sure everyone was following the law. This was also a strategy to try to apprehend anyone wanted for crimes in the area. 

Sheriff Anthony Dennis added that investigators are also working to combat illegal drugs and gang violence, after recent crimes in the city were linked to gang-related activity.

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"I believe that drugs are the common denominator with gangs and the recent shootings," Dennis said in a statement. "To help combat illegal drugs, we will continue to dedicate resources that we feel will decrease gangs and violence."

As police and the sheriff's office work to combat crime, people in the community are also stepping forward to try to make a difference.

David Witherspoon grew up in Sumter and says he hopes to develop a brother's and mother's movement with educational programming, activities and resources for children in less privileged areas of town.

"We're trying to be well-rounded and... it's not just one solution. I think it's a collective of everybody joining hands and we do this together," Witherspoon said.

The 6th-Annual Day of Remembrance for the families of those who have lost someone to violence is also this week in Sumter. 

People will march from Central Carolina at 133 S. Main Street to the court house starting at 5:30 p.m. on Thursday. The event is open to the community.

"We ask the public to be vigilant and inform law enforcement if they witness or be made aware of anything suspicious," Dennis said. "Report every threat of violence because this pertinent information could very well save a life."