SUMTER COUNTY, S.C. — Sixty-one South Carolina students achieved 12-year perfect attendance this year, including one in Sumter County. 

Julius DeMunn, a Sumter High School senior, said it's not hard getting perfect attendance when you "don't get sick" and really enjoy coming to school.

"During [graduation] practice some people were like, 'really, like you really missed no days?,'" DeMunn said. "And, I mean, really, it's not really that hard."

His parents were a big inspiration in the beginning, but after making it to the fifth grade without missing a day, he hoped to achieve it for himself. 

When DeMunn finally found out he did, he was "shocked."

"I was like shocked," DeMunn said. "I was like oh my gosh. I knew I was the only one in Sumter High School, because they told me in attendance, but I didn't know I was the only one in the whole county."

DeMunn plans to attend Winthrop University with hopes of owning a cyber security firm one day, and says he doesn't plan on missing a day in college either. 

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