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The Town of Elgin receives $5,000 following continuous earthquakes

Duke Energy provided the town the money and now they plan to fill their food pantry and provide law enforcement with proper items.

ELGIN, S.C. — The Town of Elgin has been shaking for several months, as over eighty earthquakes have rattled the town since December. 

None of the earthquakes have been severe enough to provide noticeable damage, but Duke Energy granted the town $5,000 following endless uncertainty about the earthquakes. 

Now, the town has come up with how they plan to use the money. 

"They asked what items' we thought we could use the funding for because, you know, it is an emergency preparedness grant. One, of course, being our food pantry. It is completely bare right now, so the need for non-perishable food items is extremely important in the community," said Mayor Melissa Emmons.

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Their food pantry, which is located inside, typically fills the shelves of the blessing box outside, but with no items inside the town hall, the blessing box is currently relying on donations -- donations the town hasn't really seen recently. 

"So we felt with this grant this will give us the opportunity to buy those non-perishable food items in bulk and we can stock the food pantry,"  she adds. 

The plan is to put 2500 dollars towards the food pantry with the rest heading into their police department. 

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"We have one patrol car that does not have radar, we recently hired an additional officer, and this car was used as a spare so therefore it didn't need the radar, and now that we have an additional officer we needed a fully equipped vehicle for him," adds Emmons. 

They have already ordered food to fill the pantry and are in the process of ordering the radar for the police car. 

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