LEXINGTON, S.C. — Some in the Lexington community are calling for changes to the intersection of Corley Mill Road, Riverchase Way and Derrick Drive.

There is constant traffic on Corley Mill Road, especially during the school year. This is the road that connects River Bluff High School with Sunset Boulevard.

Some say they want to see changes to one intersection because of safety. It’s the intersection between Corley Mill Road, Riverchase Way and Derrick Drive. It’s less than 500 feet from Sunset Blvd.

Several viewers tell Street Squad it takes a long time to turn onto Corley Mill Road because of backed up traffic and cars flying from Sunset Boulevard onto Corley Mill Road. Many say they are worried about getting by other vehicles.

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The Town of Lexington has announced plans to make changes to roads in this area. 

The Town of Lexington told Street Squad, "Traffic safety concerns are a top priority for the Town of Lexington and we've done extensive research into trying to improve this intersection."

Lexington says they have looked at putting up a traffic light or a roundabout at the intersection, but it would cause too much gridlock because of Highway 378.

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The town says, “The issue with putting a traffic light at Riverchase Way is how close in proximity it would be to the fully operating traffic signalization system on Hwy 378. This would create gridlock on Highway 378 that would extend onto the exit ramp.”

It measures 373 feet, and traffic lights are typically give or take about 1200 feet apart.

“The Town also did an evaluation in 2012 for a roundabout as a possible solution to the issue, but found it would again create gridlock on 378 that would extend to the exit ramp.”

The town goes on to say, "The good news is we are working on a significant traffic project with SCDOT that will drastically change how traffic operates on 378 and this plan will help alleviate the problem on Riverchase Way."

Street Squad Lexington will bring you the new plans once the town and SCDOT figure out what changes they will make.

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