LEXINGTON, S.C. — The Town of Lexington had a ribbon cutting for their new utilities department building off Bruner Road.

The new facility will be the new headquarters for the town's utilities.

Mayor Steve MacDougall of the Town of Lexington says this was something the community needed.

"We put this building together because of the need that we have. We grew from a customer base, almost doubled. Almost 30,000 customers now in the Town of Lexington and the surrounding area," explained MacDougall.

The new facility is made up of three buildings on the 22 acre property. The buildings by themselves cover 12 of those acres.

Their old headquarters used to be located on South Lake Drive. It remained that way since 1925. The town's Park and Sanitation Department will now take over their old location.

"A lot of equipment, it was crammed in a small building there in the town and decided it was time to really expand that and give these guys who go out there everyday and work on those utilities, the water and the sewer lines, a place they could be proud of before they go to work everyday," said MacDougall.

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The Lexington Police Department will be using the facility as well. It will be an impound yard and will also help store equipment and ATVs.

Another addition will be a meeting room where all the employees will be able to sit inside the room at one time for meetings.