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Lexington community wants more sidewalks to improve safety

Community members are hoping more sidewalks will be added in Lexington to help protect families who want to walk around town.

LEXINGTON, S.C. — Members of the Lexington community are hoping more sidewalks will be built around town to improve pedestrian safety and connect them to downtown.

A lot of development has been going over the last several years within the Town of Lexington with the addition of Icehouse Amphitheater and traffic flow changes.

Heidi Bone moved to the Town of Lexington about three and a half years ago and has enjoyed her time in the town.

She would like to see the development continue with more sidewalks to bridge the downtown area with the surrounding neighborhoods.

“I live off Reed Avenue, and it’s fairly close to Downtown Main Street,” said Bone. “It would be amazing to have sidewalk access closer to home. That way, we could actually access Columbia Avenue and be able to walk down to Main Street.”

Reed Avenue connects to Hwy 378 and Old Chapin Road. It’s a residential area, but there are no sidewalks on either side of the street.

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One of the biggest concerns for Bone and others in the community is safety. They want to be able to walk with their family to get from one place to the next but don’t want to risk them getting hurt because of another vehicle.

Bone has a jogging stroller she would like to use to run with her daughter, but she won't be able to use it unless sidewalks are added.

“Since I’ve moved here, I’ve seen two news stories of individuals passing away because they didn’t have sidewalks to run on, so it’s definitely a safety issue,” Bone said.

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Street Squad reached out to the Town of Lexington to find out if there are any current plans to add sidewalks on Reed Avenue or other parts of the county.

The Town of Lexington said in a statement pedestrian safety is a top priority for the town.

"As part of our Vision Plan Update this year, the Town decided to make it a priority to improve pedestrian and bike access, safety and connectivity within the Town. At this point we are still in the early stages of assessing things and will release more information as plans develop and unfold."

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The town says the best way to give input on what streets you would like to see sidewalks on would be to contact their council member. Click here for a list of all the council members.

Street Squad Lexington will continue to update once the town gives more information on their Vision Plan. If you have something you would like for Street Squad to take a look into, message our Facebook page.