ORANGEBURG, S.C. — News 19 has heard from viewers who say it is difficult for pedestrians to walk in the downtown area of Orangeburg on Magnolia and Russell Streets.

The concern is that there's a constant traffic flow, and there aren’t many sections to cross the street. 

Many of those walking in the area are students coming from South Carolina State and Claflin University on 601.

"It’s so much traffic crossing in and out. It’s kind of hard to cross at points," says Kevin Chamberlain. 

Although there are two cross walks in the area, Chamberlain, a junior at SC State, says he and most students cross the train tracks to get from campus to the Russell Street area and back. 

He goes on to say, "So when the trains comes, it’s a long wait and I don’t think it’s pretty safe with it being so close to the roads. Then you have to cross another road that’s pretty small and tiny and with cars you have don't have a lot of room so you have to be careful."

The Downtown Orangeburg Revitalization Association tells us there aren’t currently any plans to add more crosswalks, but they did propose a plan to the city to make the crosswalks that are already in place more distinct so they're easier to see.

News 19 reached out to South Carolina Department of Transportation and they tell us they do not have plans to redo those crosswalks at this time.

The City of Orangeburg tells us they are looking to refurbish the street within the next year, which could potentially change the crosswalks.