LEXINGTON, S.C. — The Town of Lexington has implemented a new technology system to help emergency response time for medical patients.

The town partnered with Lexington Medical Center to bring the “Adaptive Computerized Signalization System” to Sunset Blvd. Lexington Medical Center is funding the project that’s costing $2 million.

The area it will directly affect is on Sunset Blvd. between Lott Court to Hummingbird Drive.

In a Facebook post from the Town of Lexington, the president and CEO of Lexington Medical, Tod Augsburger, says this will make a big difference.

“Lexington Medical Center is glad to work together with our community partners to help improve the flow of traffic on Highway 378. Most importantly, this project will allow ambulances to arrive at our hospital faster and provide our patients with lifesaving medical services in the timeliest manner,” said Augsburger.

While emergency vehicles are transporting someone to the hospital, this new system will allow lights at intersections to turn green, so they can get through quicker.

The hope is to create shorter response times so people can get the care they need.

This is part of the new traffic light system the town has been installing over the last few years. In Phase 1, the town installed new signals at 19 different intersections. These intersections now have cameras on top to detect the flow of traffic and know when to change lights. They’re currently in Phase II and are installing them at 16 more additional intersections.

So far, traffic-signal emitters have been installed in 12 vehicles and they plan on installing four more. There are also seven Lexington County Fire Services vehicles that will have the emitters as well. The town says they hope to install these emitters in all 28 of the emergency response ambulances eventually. The City of West Columbia Fire Department will also have access as well.

To put this system in each vehicle, it’s costing $4,200.

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