LEXINGTON, S.C. — People are worried about pedestrian safety on a cut-through road in Lexington County.

YMCA Road sits between Old Orangeburg Road and Two Notch Road, two of the busiest roads in the county.

Some people worry about the safety of people walking around the road because of speeding. The speed limit on the road is 35 miles per hour. Street Squad clocked some drivers going 15 miles per hour over the speed limit.

Jimmy Mattox has been living in the community for the last seven years. He feels like something needs to be done about safety on the roadway.

"There's a lot of kids that play up and down this road and something really needs to be done about the traffic on this road," said Mattox.

Mattox says he sees drivers go 55 to 60 miles per hour in front of his neighborhood.

The Lexington Family YMCA and homes sit along the road. Residents want to see something done to help create a safer community.

Some say they worry about more people getting hit because of people flying down the road. Many feel drivers use the cut-through as a drag strip.

Back in June of 2018, a nineteen-year-old was on a bicycle was struck behind by another vehicle. He later died as a result of his injuries.

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Mattox hopes he can see more law enforcement to solve the speeding issue.

"More patrol up and down the roads. More presence of the police department," explained Mattox. "We see them now but if they could step it up some."

Lance Cpl. Trooper David Jones with the South Carolina Highway Patrol says he knows speeding has been an issue on YMCA Road.

"Being a resident of Lexington and growing up here, this is a road that's been a cut-through for a lot of people for years and years for as long as I can remember," said Jones.

Trooper Jones remembers the hit-and-run on this road over a year ago and the extensive search to find the driver who hit the bicyclist.

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The South Carolina Highway Patrol says they work this road often but will put more concentration in the area.

"I can promise you as a trooper in Lexington County, my fellow troopers and I take it serious and it's something that we enforce and something we're going to be out looking for," said Jones. "We often times select roads at different periods to go out and force and YMCA can definitely be one of those roads we come out to."

With the summer ending and fall quickly approaching, it's going to get darker much sooner. Trooper Jones says it's important those who are walking along any road to wear the proper attire so drivers are more likely to see you.

"For people who live on YMCA Road who may be crossing Two Notch Road or may be walking, make sure you wear something retro reflective. Make sure you stand out for passing motorists," explained Jones. "Make yourself visible because I can promise you not everybody is looking out for you."

Trooper Jones says it's going to take whole community to help make the roads more safe in Lexington County and across the state. If drivers are more vigilant behind the wheel, drive slower and not drive distracted, we can prevent less crashes and fatalities.

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