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Vance facilities remain closed

Vance's mayor says councilmembers are not comfortable with reopening the town at the moment.

VANCE, S.C. — Despite COVID-19 vaccines rolling out throughout our state, Vance remains hesitant to reopen the park and the Family and Friends Center to its citizens.

"Until we know it's safe and have all the safety measures in place, we haven't come to that conclusion to open up right now," explained Mayor Michael Aiken.

"I think the mayor is airing on the side of caution at this point of the pandemic," said Vance resident Nina Washington.

Both facilities have been shut down since the beginning of the pandemic. Vance's mayor says the town lost roughly around $9,000 last year since they didn't let people rent out the Family and Friends Center.

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"We had to suck it up and bite the bullet," said Mayor Aiken. "We're still above water, and we are still able to function."

Mayor Aiken says the council members will discuss the future of the park and the center in the next town meeting on May 25th. Nina Washington is a mother of three, and she agrees with the town's decision in not rushing to reopen. 

"There are too many variables to consider," expressed Washington. "One is the safety and the vaccination rate. Do we have herd immunity? Are the things in the park be sanitized? Who will be responsible for those things?" "I agree in the larger scheme of things. If we could maybe have reduced hours or maybe open up for a couple of hours a day, then I think it could be beneficial, especially with it coming closer to summertime."

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