Columbia, SC - (WLTX) Students in Kershaw County are leading a discussion tonight with the five candidates who are running for Sheriff and it marks the first time all five candidates will appear together.

Ryan Dabbs is a senior at Camden High School. Dabbs and is the brains behind the community wide event

Dabbs says, "I just thought that there was a place for a student perspective on sheriffs. I mean, I hear all the time that people say students don't care about things going on in the community and especially after the shootings you really want a students prospective because it can cause an actual change."

Ryan Dabb's teacher Amy Goodwin, also moderator of the event, tells us how proud she is of Ryan and the work of all of her students have done.

Goodwin says, "From the first time I met Ryan I knew he was politically minded just like I know there other talents in all of my students and were here to help foster the growth and help them to realize and achieve whatever dreams they have."

Dabbs has been planning this event for quite sometime and he tells us what he hopes to see happen.

He says,"My great hope for tonight is that people of the older generations see that younger generations like myself have a voice and we can cause change in the political process from a community state and national level."