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Substance abuse hotline available in the Midlands

Being stuck at home may bring up some addictive tendencies. This local non-profit is here to help.

LEXINGTON, S.C. — The Courage Center in Lexington is a nonprofit that provides substance recovery for young people and families. 

During the current state of things, they have rolled out a new program to make sure those who want help are given the right resources.

The 24-hour Midlands Substance Addiction Support Resource called the Central SC Recovery Hotline was created when they realized a lack of anything else like it, “We identified a need that was void for something like this and Brock and Hunter talked about it and within 24 hours it was ready to go," Executive Director Adrienne Bellinger told News19.

When you call the number it routes you to a recovery coach, Hunter Welch is one of those coaches and explains, “we have a list of all treatment centers, halfway houses, recovery community organizations, mutual aid meetings, [etc.] in the midlands area. Our job is to refer you to those resources when you call that number, because it can be very confusing if you’re just googling it by yourself. So, to have someone who knows what they’re looking for to go through and find it for you is a good resource.”

Recovery coaches who provide these resources are people who have dealt with addiction in the past and are ready to help you, “We are people in long-term recovery who aren’t physicians, aren’t therapists, but we are people who know exactly what you’ve been through, have walked in your footsteps before and are able to relate to you on a level that others cannot," Welch says.

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This hotline is to connect you with resources you need while staying safe inside your home during the Covid-19 pandemic.

“Our objective is to advance and broaden access to recovery and community based peer support services- that’s our goal," Bellinger adds, "And so if we broaden access by going this route- that’s a huge plus.”

Credit: Courage Center

The number for the Central SC Recovery Hotline is 803-369-3821 and is available 24-hours. 

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