KNOXVILLE, Tenn. — Knoxville police arrested Tennessee cornerback Bryce Thompson after responding to a domestic assault call Saturday night.

Witnesses of the incident told police they heard Thompson threaten his girlfriend and multiple people told police they heard him say he would "shoot up the school," according to a report from the Knoxville Police Department. 

Thompson has been indefinitely suspended from the UT football team as a result. 

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It's not the first time Thompson has been accused of inappropriate behavior. 

Court records obtained by 10News on Wednesday show suspended Tennessee cornerback Bryce Thompson had a restraining order filed against him for alleged harassment and stalking in Richland County, South Carolina, in January 2018.

In the restraining order, the victim who filed the motion said that after she tried to break up with him multiple times and told him to stop contacting her, Thompson threatened to kill himself on multiple occasions. That threat made her "believe it's [her] fault," according to court documents. 

Thompson also allegedly texted her and said he would kill her if she found another guy. He said he would kill the guy as well. 

"I fully believe this threat because he has a history of violence against me and others," the victim wrote in the restraining order. "He has physically slapped me, choked me and thrown me around. I fear for my safety and am constantly looking over my shoulder." 

Thompson and the victim agreed to abide by a Mutual No Contact Order as a result, which was filed in April 2018.