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News19 Teacher of the Week: Allison Burnham

The Blaney Elementary teacher says the key to teaching students is helping them understand you truly care about them.

Elgin, SC (WLTX) - For more than 16 years Allison Burnham has been living her dream.

"I've always known I wanted to be a teacher. I never wanted to do anything else." Burnham says.

Today she is a 5th grade educator at Blaney Elementary School in Kershaw County but she's taught students on the high school and middle school level as well. Burnham says the key to teaching students is helping them understand that you truly care about them.

Mrs. Burnham is a graduate of the Richland District 2 school system and says that community is key to establishing great relationships with her students. As the mother of four sons she says that she's learned from personal experience, in and out of the classroom, that every student learns different. She focuses on her students strengths as a way to help them overcome challenges. Because, Burnham believes in a community of learners, it's not uncommon to see her at the after school activities of her students. She says that kind of support helps her students understand how much she cares about them developing as a whole student.

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