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News19 Teacher of the Week: Reed Gunter

Reed Gunter was once a Lexington Richland 5 student. He's now an ELA teacher in that district and the WLTX Teacher of the Week.

COLUMBIA, S.C. — Reed Gunter is the kind of teacher who appreciates the honesty of middle school students.  He says that after 12 years at Dutch Fork Middle School he understands that the most important part of teaching is forming relationships with his students.

Gunter is a graduate of Chapin High School and the University of South Carolina.  He says that working in the same district that he received his education in is exciting and humbling.  Gunter says his favorite teacher was former Chapin High Coach William Sullivan.  He remembers fondly, that Sullivan was the only teacher who made him like math.  

Gunter says he uses Coach Sullivan's teaching style to engage his students who might not consider English Language Arts their favorite subject.

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