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Mallory Mullen is News19's Teacher of the Week

The Ridge View High School teacher is passionate about her job and her community. She's teaching at the very school she graduated from nearly a decade ago.

COLUMBIA, S.C. — Mallory Mullen really knows how to make creative imagery come alive, an important skill when you teach AP U.S. History.

"History has a lot of boring things, but it also has a lot of like explosive points," said Leilah Hill. "Ms. Mullen makes a point to say, even though this seems boring now, when we get to this point, it'll all make sense."

Hill is a junior at Ridge View High School in Richland District Two. She says Ms. Mullen is one of the teachers that alumni talk about because of the impact she's making.

"Ms. Mullen is very animated," said Hill. "The first day of school, you could tell she was ready to go. She was very excited. Honestly, she just wants us to succeed -- and she's not going to make it easy."

Dr. Brenda Mack is the principal at Ridge View High School and has fond memories as Mullen as a student.

"It's just amazing that she used to walk these same halls as a student," said Mack. "She sat in these same classrooms and was a part of the Blazer Marching Band, and now she's giving back to our students of today and she's making an impact on them, the way so many of our previous educators impacted her."

"I had a great experience here," said Mullen. "I learned so many things from so many great teachers and I just wanted to be a little part of that."

Mullen continues her efforts outside of the classroom with the Blazer Band as a staff member.  Even jumping in the play when needed.

Credit: WLTX

"It's something that brings me joy in and of itself," said Mullen.  "It's also fun to maybe not only see me as sitting in front of people and teaching at them, but I can have fun and play half time and word up, too."

"I think my job is to make teenagers believe that they can do more than what they think," said Mullen.  "By working hard with discipline, with encouragement, they can do way more than maybe they ever expected to do."

And whether she's in the classroom or making music, one thing is for sure, she's making a difference.

"Ms. Mullen really deserves it," said Hill.  "You can really see that everything that she does is with intention and she really just wants us to succeed."

That's why Mallory Mullen is the News19 Teacher of the Week.

If you know a teacher like Mrs. Williams who deserves to be recognized for her hard work in the classroom, you can email us at TOW@WLTX.com.

Credit: WLTX


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