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Teacher of the Week: Derrick Gunter

Derrick Gunter uses his love for history to motivate and inspire students at White Knoll High School.

LEXINGTON, S.C. — As you walk through the halls of White Knoll High School in Lexington School District One, there's a distinct voice coming from room 212.

"What did Winston Churchill tell the British to keep them inspired to win?" said Derrick Gunter.

Gunter is a history teacher and truly loves what he does.  Ask anyone on campus about Mr. Gunter and the consensus is pretty much the same.

"The one word I would use to describe him is enthusiastic," said Ted Daughtrey.  "You're immediately struck with the volume of his voice."

Gunter describes himself as a storyteller, helping to connect the dots for his students.

"I try to relate to things the best I can," said Gunter.

When our News 19 team stopped by to surprise Mr. Gunter as the News 19 Teacher of the Week, his students were getting ready to take an exam.  A test he graciously postponed so he could be honored for his hard work in the classroom.

"History is something that a lot of kids don't really get exposed to anymore because they spend so much time on social media," said Gunter.

Ted Daughtrey is the principal at White Knoll High School.  He says he's thankful for educators like Mrs. Gunter.  People who motivate, inspire and genuinely love what they do.

"He's a role model for other teacher," said Daughtrey.  "His enthusiasm just exudes throughout the school."

If you know an educator like Mr. Gunter who deserves to be recognized for their dedication and hardwork in the classroom, email uas at TOW@WLTX.com

Each nomination will be reviewed and who knows, Brandon Taylor or Darci Strickland might surprise your favorite teacher.