SUMTER, S.C. — At Kingsbury Elementary School in Sumter county, Julie Jeffcoat judges her students' success on more than just their grades.  

She admits that she's a "fan of good grades" but for her success is when a student can show marked improvement and develop a love for the subject that once challenged them.  As a resource educator, she gets special time to work with students who need specific strategies and individual attention in certain subject areas.  

After 34 years in the classroom she says that her greatest joy is in teaching students to advocate for themselves.  When a student needs help with reading, they have the right to ask a social studies teacher to give them an oral exam.  That way the student is still tested on the content without feeling the pressure of trying to overcome their reading challenge.

Studies show when students develop this skill set early, they are able to navigate their educational career successfully.

Mrs. Jeffcoat says that she's always known she wanted to be a teacher and she couldn't imagine doing anything else.

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