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Thanksgiving Tips From Local Chefs

Our Whitney Sullivan asked a panel of local chefs for their one best tip for cooking a Thanksgiving meal. Here's what they said.

A group of local chefs joined us on News 19 This Morning and on Facebook Live Wednesday to answer your questions about cooking a Thanksgiving meal.

When our Whitney Sullivan asked them for their one best tip, here's what they told us.

Chef Coretta Simmons, Loving Hands Catering

If you're stuck, google! Asking your grandmother is also a good idea, says Chef Young.

Dan Zmroczek, Lexington Technology Center

Stay organized. Think about what you're going to do before you do it. Also, use a thermometer to make sure you're getting those internal temperatures where they need to be.

Chef Brian Hay, USC Culinary and Wine Institute

Chart out a time and action plan and keep it visible. In other write out what has to be done when, in order, so you don't have to think about it or trust your memory. Chef Hay uses a chalkboard wall in his kitchen to keep his plan easy to see.

Chef Charlie Young

Follow the tips suggested by the others but have fun doing it and don't fret. For instance, if find you don't have an ingredient you need for a recipe think about what you can use as a substitute and don't be afraid to use it. As an example, if you don't have canola oil as called for in a recipe, think about what other oils you have to use.

Chefs Hay, Simmons, Young and Zmroczek are all members of the Midlands Chapter of the
American Culinary Federation.