Monetta, SC (WLTX) -- The show will go on at a local drive-in theater after last weekend's storm damaged its equipment.

"All of a sudden, a little after 10, I hear 'crack!'," said The Big Mo owner, Richard Boaz.

One screen at The Big Mo went completely black, and when Richard looked at the other screen, he noticed there wasn't anything playing.

"I saw car lights on, which is never a good sign," he said.

Lightning knocked out two of the screens at The Big Mo drive-in theater, including the air conditioner which cools the projectors.

"Well, initially just panic. After that, it sunk in that something pretty bad had happened and we may be out of commission for awhile," said Lisa Boaz.

The Boaz's think the lightning bolt struck close to the big peach, which traveled through the internet cables to the other two screens.

"There was obviously concern that this is the biggest time of the season. Here we are with maybe one field, if there aren't any problems there," said Richard.

A technician from Virginia worked on the equipment the last two days, trying to get the screens up and running for the weekend.

The Boaz family says the show will go on -- on all three screens this weekend.

Here are the movies that will be playing:

Main Field: Transformers: The Last Knight & The Mummy (both PG-13)

Screen #2: Cars 3 (G) & Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie (PG)

Screen #3: Wonder Woman & Pirates Of The Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales (both PG-13)

Gates open at 7 pm, and the movies start around 9 pm.