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The Target Effect is Real and You're Probably a Victim of it

Have you ever walked into Target to buy one thing and then walked out with a cart full of items that were NOT on your shopping list? You are not alone!

(CBS) - Experts are saying the "Target Effect" is real and there is actually some science behind why you can't seem to say no to some of those items you don't really need.

The "Target Effect" is no accident. Experts say the layout of the store is designed to trick your brain into thinking you need other products associated with the ones you are buying. This leads to customers making more impulse buys.

Aisles, like the "dollar section," are also designed to make customers spend more money because they feel like they are getting a great deal.

Target released statement to CBS Sacramento saying in part:

“Our in-store shopping experience facilitates a sense of inspiration and discovery through visual merchandising and curated product collections, while still making it easy for guests who want to stop in for a quick trip.”

The desire to "get the best" deal is also the reason some people buy in bulk at stores like Costco or Sam's club.

The effect could also affect online shopping. Some experts say this should be called the "Amazon Effect"

So how do you overcome the Target Effect?

Take a deep breath and ask yourself if you really need the item or not. If you have already purchased the item, it's not too late! Grab that receipt and return it.

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