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'They were grateful.' 911 dispatchers give truckers free meals

Newberry County 911 dispatchers handed out 50 pre-packaged meals to truckers passing by at a weigh station off I-26.

NEWBERRY COUNTY, S.C. — In Newberry County, 911 dispatchers came together to give back to those who are stocking shelves and bringing supplies all across the country -- truck drivers.

"It wasn't much, but it was just giving back from us," Newberry County 911 Supervisor Terri Lawson said.

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Lawson along with her team wanted to help those who continue to help out everyone across the nation, truck drivers.

"We had just been seeing a lot of stories that truckers were having trouble getting to the drive thru, rest stops were shutting down in other states, so we just thought it would be something good to do to give back," Lawson said.

At the weigh station off I-26 near exit 82, Lawson and other dispatchers handed out 50 pre-packed meals to drivers. Those meals were gone in less than an hour. It was an unexpected surprise for the truckers passing by.

COVID 19 Update 03/31/2020: * No new diagnosed cases of C 19 in Newb... erry County but a higher count across the state. Over 1,000 cases have been diagnosed in SC, two being in Newberry County, and 22 deaths. * Public boat launches/ramps and areas around are closed.

"They were just doing their job, wanting to get in and out, and they were all thankful and all waving, they were grateful," Lawson said.

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The drivers were not the only ones who were thankful.

Newberry County Sheriff Lee Foster said he's proud this team gave back, something they all hope others are inspired to do.

"I don't know how else we would get out materials if it wasn't for them," Foster said. "It's a big team effort just to keep it going."

After seeing the drivers first hand, Lawson had a message for them.

"I just thank them for what they do, they are keeping us going, they don't have a choice to stay home or not, we couldn't do what we do with them," Lawson said.

Lawson said said they are planning to do this again to continue giving back to the truck drivers.