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Top 10 Most Popular Names People Give Their Cars

Is your car's name on the Top 10 list?
Credit: Pixabay

In honor of “Name Your Car Day” on October 2, Cars.com released new research that found 53% of American drivers who name their cars give them a name that starts with the letter “b.” Of those who name their vehicles, 70% are men and “Baby” ranked as the No. 1 name.

The top 10 most popular car names are:

1. Baby

2. Betsy

3. Ruby

4. Betty

5. Beast

6. Max

7. Bertha

8. Pearl

9. Frank

10. Christine

“I’m not surprised to see so many American drivers giving their cars people names, says Jenni Newman, Editor-in-Chief of Cars.com. "Cars can be an emotional purchase and often are viewed as an extension of who we are.”

Of those surveyed who name their vehicle, 40% were sedan owners, followed by 27% SUV/crossover owners. Minivan drivers (2%) are the least likely to name their vehicle.

“It was interesting to see that sedan owners are more likely to name their cars. Once a sales leader, sedans popularity has declined as pickup truck and SUVs take the lead. Sedans still excel at in the areas of safety, comfort and fuel economy. These are vehicle traits people love and it helps build that strong connection between the car and driver,” added Newman.

The five most-searched sedans on Cars.com include the:

1. Honda Accord

2. Honda Civic

3. Toyota Camry

4. Dodge Charger

5. Toyota Corolla

To read more about the Cars.com “Name Your Car Day” survey, click here.

Survey Source: The Driver’s Seat Community, Cars.com, September 2018 (1,147 vehicle owners surveyed)