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Town of Lexington installing final equipment for adaptive traffic signal project

Lexington is in the final phase of their adaptive traffic signal project to help create better traffic flow throughout the town.

LEXINGTON, S.C. — Town of Lexington crews have started installing the final equipment for their adaptive traffic signal project to help create better traffic flow in the area.

For the past few years, the town has been working on the project. The town sees around 40,000 vehicles through their area each day.

With the new system, travel time should decrease up to 50%, according to officials.

"Right now, we're installing poles and masked arms for traffic lights throughout town that are not adaptive," said Laurin Barnes with the Town of Lexington.

Lexington is in the final phase of the project. There are 16 different traffic intersections that will be updated with the new system, which will include adaptive traffic lights and masked arms.

Lexington County Emergency vehicles have devices installed to help change lights to green so they can get through intersections quickly.

The towns says funding for the project came through federal and county funds. The total cost is $6.6 million.

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Barnes says they expect everything to be completed by November of this year.

"Once all of the lights are adaptive and they're synced up, it will monitor traffic flow and create what they call 'green light tunnels' so basically you'll have less time where you're stopping at a traffic light and it'll help traffic move more smoothly through town," explained Barnes.

The town continues to work on several other road and traffic projects. One includes the widening of North Lake Drive. They'll also have a project at the intersection of Mineral Springs Road and Sunset Blvd. They will be adding a right hand turn lane at that intersection. The Town of Lexington will also work to configure the median by the Publix in the same area. They hope to start these projects sometime this year.

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