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Traffic congestion piles up in Chapin with holiday and bowl travel plus I-26 construction

According to SCDOT, if you see a car stranded or a roadside emergency, you're asked to dial *47.

CHAPIN, S.C. — Three big setbacks are adding strain to the already existing traffic concerns in Chapin. That includes I-26 construction, Gator Bowl travel and holiday travel. 

Chapin residents explain they're already dealing with a boom of population growth overflowing roads, and this week it's gotten worse.

"We have been in so many slow downs where we sat on the freeway for half an hour while they were doing construction and I understand they're trying to fix it and make it better, but it's a happy medium," Jacque Jack, Chapin resident said.

Jack tells News19 there's no where for cars to go when an accident happens on I-26. 

However, according to the South Carolina Department of Transportation, there are openings where it's safe to pull over. Those are in the emergency lanes in areas in the construction zone where barriers have been moved or construction is finished. 

"The accidents that we've seen have also created more of a standstill," Jack said.

Mandy Collins, a Chapin resident, shared photos with News 19 that she took earlier this week while sitting in bumper-to-bumper traffic. One of the photos is of people playing lacrosse on the side of the highway waiting for traffic to move. 

"During the holidays, you've got a lot of retirees up here and the only time we get a lot of traffic is when something's going on on 26," Ted Guiton, Chapin resident said.

Other locals explain that although it's frustrating to sit through, you will eventually get to where you're going.

"Everything is hustling and bustling and you have to love the charm in that too because everybody's out there for the same purpose. But yes, it definitely has increased traffic-wise, business-wise, people-traffic-wise, accidents, the whole thing. But you just have to take things in stride and just expect it because it is that time of the year," Vicki Azarigian, Chapin resident said.

According to SCDOT, the construction project at Exit 91 in Chapin is 64% complete as of Friday.

SCDOT gives advice saying that during this influx of drivers on the road you should keep a safe distance from other cars, and you should drive at a speed that will allow you to adjust quickly. If you see a vehicle stranded, or a roadside emergency, dial *47.

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