Lexington, SC (WLTX) - Dozens of business leaders and educators around the state took a tour to schools in the Midlands with Transform SC.

The program helps assist schools through implementation of innovation practices.

On Tuesday morning Transform SC took a bus tour to four schools.

"These schools in the Midlands have made a lot of progress since we started," says Pamela Lackey, Co Chair of Transform SC and President of AT&T SC.

More than three years ago the initiative began, now those business leaders are checking out the progress.

State Superintendent Molly Spearman, says this was a way for the public to see how education is transforming for the 21st century.

"Transform SC is about finding and connecting schools that have innovative strategies happening."

Fifty-five schools and five districts around the state are a part of the program.

The program is divided into four practices which include:

1. Project-Based Learning, which allows students to learn normal curriculum through real world experiences.

2. Blended Learning, which is a mix of face to face and digital instruction.

3. Continuous Assessment, which brings constant feedback and instruction through technology.

4. Competency-Based Learning, which lets students move through assignments at their own pace.

In Lexington Middle school, 8th grader Macy McCoy is seeing a difference in learning especially when it comes to her grades through proficiency scoring.

Instead of a grade scale from one to 100, students are graded from one to eight.

"It's not as worrisome because our teachers explain to us that over the course of the year you're supposed to be getting better,” says McCoy. “So they want to show that improvement, and I think it just helps you improve, which is what you're supposed to do in school."

The goal is to get students prepared for careers. Business leaders are already seeing traits they look for in future employees.

"You walk out of that classroom and you say, ‘I would hire any one of those kids because they know how to work in teams, they know how to meet deadlines,’” says Jim Reynolds, with Total Comfort Solutions. “That will be great for South Carolina, be great for those students and be great for our businesses as well."

To learn more about Transform SC and the schools involved, check out their website here.