Lexington County, SC (WLTX) - We've gotten a lot of calls and messages about abnormal lights from planes seen in the skies over Lexington County.

UPDATE: We know know what the lights and planes were

The planes were seen flying in a group over the Gaston and Swansea area, but we got a report of the lights as far out as Lake Murray and over into Calhoun County as well.

What's behind them? We're not sure yet. They're clearly planes (you can hear their engines in a video we received) but as for where they came from, we haven't determined that yet.

We've checked with the military, the Columbia Metropolitan Airport, and law enforcement, and so far, they haven't heard of anything unusual.

In the meantime, submit your pictures and video to us of the lights to either the WLTX Facebook page or e-mail us at news19@wltx.com.