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Columbia will be home to the only Anne Frank House partnership in U.S.

People from all over who visit the UofSC campus will be able to see an exhibit that tells the story about Anne Frank's life and impact on the world.

COLUMBIA, S.C. — The University of South Carolina is now home to a permanent exhibition and educational program in partnership with the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam, becoming one of only four partner sites in the world and the only one in North America.

On Tuesday, the school held a press conference to discuss the Anne Frank Center opening in September.

The Anne Frank Center, located in the Barringer House on the USC campus, will tell the story of the young Jewish girl who documented her family's two years of hiding in Nazi German-occupied Amsterdam during World War II. The journals of Annelies Marie "Anne" Frank (1929-1945) were later published as The Diary of a Young Girl, also known as The Diary of Anne Frank.

"This is so important to us personally and to our community, like a glue that binds the university to its neighborhood," said University of South Carolina Interim President Harris Pastides. "The Anne Frank Center at the University of South Carolina is unlike anything this university has ever done before."

The school partnered with Anne Frank House in Amsterdam to bring the exhibit to Columbia. It is one of only four partner sites in the world and will be the only one located in North America.

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There will be guided tours where people will see videos, photos, original artifacts of Anne Frank's experience. There will also be traveling exhibits to be used for education programs and peer-guided training.

Pastides says while the exhibit talks a lot about the Holocaust, it is more than that.

"It's also about tyranny towards other minorities around the world," Pastides explained. "In the Anne Frank Center, you will see an allusion to the Jim Crowe era related to atrocities against African American people right here in our state."

Everyone is welcome to visit the Anne Frank Center. Pastides hopes people will even visit when they come to a Gamecock football game.

"Through the name and through the eyes of this little girl, who still lives I would argue, we can, in fact, try to change the world," Pastides said

South Carolina Department of Education Superintendent Molly Spearman believes the center will make a big impact for all who visit, especially students in the Palmetto State. She believes kids will be able to realize they can make a difference in the world, much like Anne Frank did and continues to do so today.

"This place will allow our students who don't often, probably only a handful, would ever have a chance to go to Amsterdam," Spearman said. "To add this place on their field trip list is going to be a beautiful, life-changing experience."

Dr. Lilly Filler is a daughter of Holocaust survivors, who led a committee that helped establish the South Carolina Holocaust Memorial. She believes the Anne Frank Center will be a gem for the community.

"The Anne Frank Center here in Columbia means tremendous recognition of the Holocaust. It is not only about the Holocaust, it is about intolerance, bigotry, hatred, prejudice," said Dr. Filler.

Julian Williams, the university's vice president for diversity, equity and inclusion, believes it's important to make sure an accurate history is taught in today's society.

"This is really, truly a special day for the University of South Carolina and the state of South Carolina, especially in at a time in our country where the teaching of a true and accurate history is under attack," said Williams.

Mary McElveen, a student at the school, will be guiding people on tours through the center. She says with her being Jewish, she's experienced racism through grade school with people making jokes about the holocaust.

"Through the Anne Frank Center, I've learned a great deal about topics such as identity, hate and prejudice," McElveen said. "Even more valuably, I realize how I could easily show those around me to use their knowledge on these topics to create change within their communities."

The Anne Frank Center will have scheduled tours beginning on September 15th. People can schedule a tour by emailing AFCUOFSC@sc.edu.

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