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Officials move USC-SC State game change to Thursday

According to USC Athletics making a schedule change to a weekday game is unprecedented in recent school history,

COLUMBIA, S.C. — If you had tickets to see USC play South Carolina State this weekend, the game has been changed.

USC Athletics tells News 19 they are changing the Saturday football game to this week because of Hurricane Ian.

In the last six years of Carolina football, hurricanes and flooding have deterred three games -- in 2015, 2016 and 2018, all of which were moved to another day over the weekend, not a weekday. 

This week, with Hurricane Ian on the horizon, it's different. It's been moved to Thursday, according to USC athletics.

News 19 caught up with current students to see how they're feeling in light of the news.

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"It's tradition to go to a game on Saturday, and that's what I'm so used to, so it'll be different doing it on a Thursday, going to class in the morning, rushing to the tailgate spots, rushing to the game, but I'm looking forward to it. It'll be something different," USC junior Jon Dewitt said.

Regan Hill, a freshman at the university, is hoping she can sell or return her ticket or that classes are cancelled.

"Well, this is going to be my first game. I haven't been to any of the games yet, so finding out it was moved to a Thursday was kind of weird, especially since on Thursday I have a class that ends at 6:50," Hill said.

Lauren Cunningham, a senior, tells New 19 this will completely shift her band rehearsal schedule. 

"I only have one other class besides band rehearsal on Thursdays and I'm fortunate enough that the professor for that class is a former color guard performer and color guard instructor and I'm in the color guard," Cunningham said.

Alumni explain that early or late, weekday or weekend, Carolina fans will show out.

"I don't believe that the move to Thursday will cause any Carolina fans to stay home. Gamecock fans are Gamecock fans. They will come any day of the week," said USC alumna and former USC staff member Shirley Mills.

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Local businesses are just expecting lighter crowds this weekend, both due to the game change and weather, so they are adjusting expectations accordingly.

"I think this weekend's a tough one, and I don't think anybody really knows what's coming with the hurricane coming, so safety's a priority and so we may have less people here, but I guess that's just part of what happens with mother nature," said Congaree Vista Guild Executive Director Abby Anderson.  

"Go cocks! Let's beat South Carolina State," Dewitt said.

The USC football team will take the field at Williams-Brice Stadium at 7 p.m. 

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