Columbia, SC (WLTX) - A viral post on social media has people questioning whether or not phones can catch on fire just being near a gas stove.

Scrolling through Facebook, you may come across something unusual that catches your attention. A viewer sent us a post that claims a woman received burn injuries after using her cell phone around a gas stove.

News 19 went out to verify if it is possible for a phone to combust because it's around a gas stove.

Robert Hughes, a battalion chief with the Columbia Fire Department, has 15 years of experience on the hazmat crew. He says that it's almost impossible for cell phones to ignite because of gas stoves.

"Not likely for the cell phone to generate that kind of static electricity because you would need the perfect mixture in the air. Fuel, air, and then the ignition source and typically that ignition source gets confused off the cell phone," explained Hughes.

Basically, conditions have to be exactly perfect for an electric device to catch fire. What could potentially increase those chances of happening is if you accidentally leave your stove on and gas fills the air.

"There's always that possibility but the important part is to eliminate the ignition sources and then properly ventilate the area," said Hughes.

Although it's extremely unlikely for your phone to combust, we can verify that it is possible if static electricity is involved and conditions are just right for it to happen.