Columbia, SC - (WLTX) An article is making the rounds on the internet about whether aluminum foil can protect your car key fob from getting hacked.

It discusses the age-old tale to protect your key fob when you're in the house overnight by putting it in a metal coffee can, but the question was raised of what to do during the day?

There's a belief that aluminum foil can protect the fob from cyber hackers cracking your key fob code and breaking in your car.

The article says foil blocks the electromagnetic waves that help the hacker get in or out of the car, but is it that true? News 19 went to Tom Scott, executive director of SCCyber, to ask the question: does wrapping your key fob in aluminum foil fully protect your fob from being hacked?

Scott explains, "Wrapping aluminum foil around your key fob will not protect you from theft. wrapping your key fob in tin foil or aluminum foil it may dampen the signal depending upon how close you are but it won't completely eliminate it."

Scott explains that there isn't enough density in aluminum foil to fully protect the fob from being hacked.

So, turns out the aluminum foil method is FALSE!